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What is CAS number 25655-41-8?

Povidone iodine (CAS 25655-41-8) is used on the skin to decrease risk of infection. Betadine is a brand name for povidone-iodine, a combination of iodine and polyvinylpyrrolidone, that's also used as an antiseptic. This medicine is also used as a surgical hand scrub and to wash the skin and surface of the eye before surgery to help prevent infections.

Property Name Property Value
Molecular Weight 364.95g/mol
Hydrogen Bond Donor Count 0
Hydrogen Bond Acceptor Count 1
Rotatable Bond Count 1
Exact Mass 364.87736g/mol
Monoisotopic Mass 364.87736g/mol
Topological Polar Surface Area 20.3Ų
Heavy Atom Count 10
Complexity 120

Factory sells 25655-41-8 in bulk supply.

Povidone-iodine is a stable chemical complex of polyvinylpyrrolidone (povidone, PVP) and elemental iodine. Shanghai Yixiang Chemical Co., Ltd is a good factory who sells 25655-41-8 in bulk supply. Bulk Supply means the supply given to other states and non-industrial purpose having mixed load of domestic, commercial and other types, who maintain their own distribution system. You can refer to something's bulk when you want to emphasize that it is very large. Low prices and fast shipping on the Povidone Iodine solution is available.